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Different Window Types for Your Home

Whether you are planning to have a new home built or your old home renovated, it is always critical that you choose the right set of windows all the time. Quality windows are great investments that offer great returns in the long run. Not only does it add beauty and value to your home but also saves you from paying high energy bills.

In choosing windows, you should not only consider the aesthetic value and style but you should also take a closer look at their functionality and appropriateness to your home. Today, there are several kinds of windows available for choosing to make sure that you find the right units with the right function and style you like.

A single hung window is mostly of traditional origin. This type allows you to move the bottom part upwards and downwards while the top part is fixed and immovable. Similar to this type of window is the double hung. This type does not only open from its bottom but also from its top.

The trilite window is composed of three horizontal panes of equal size. Only the bottom part of the window can be moved downwards and upwards. Another type is the casement window which can be opened upon turning the crank open on both sides to the outside. The awning window on the other hand is usually smaller in size and hinged on its top while the bottom is allowed to swing.

A hopper window is generally designed for basements. It comes with hinges on its bottom to allow the top to swing to the outside. The top is hinged to ensure that water does not enter the insides of the basement. A hopper window can be opened as broad as that of the overhang during rainstorms so water is prevented from entering.

Bow and bay windows houston are also wide and spacious. Both usually have larger mid window which can be extended on the frame. These windows are great for viewing the outdoors. Some even place window seats from the inside for a nice and relaxing viewing of the wonderful scenery of the outdoors.

No matter which type of window you choose, it is also essential to choose energy saving windows. Consult your professional window replacement contractor for energy saving window options so you can also save money on your energy consumption while at the same time enhance the comfort and style of your home.